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Having a trusted legal partner is crucial in the dynamic world of real estate transactions. At Legal Focus LLP, our real estate lawyers offer seasoned expertise in all aspects of property law. Whether buying, selling, or refinancing a residential or commercial property, we provide sound legal advice to protect your interests. We aim to facilitate smooth and secure real estate transactions, ensuring that your investments and rights are safeguarded.

How Can Legal Focus Help?

We are committed to safeguarding your interests and ensuring your real estate transactions proceed smoothly. Our team is well-versed in handling various real estate matters, from residential to commercial properties. We provide comprehensive legal services to protect your investments, minimize risks, and secure successful outcomes.

Our Process


Property Assessment and Due Diligence

When drafting an Agreement of Purchase and Sale, we start by thoroughly assessing the property involved in the transaction. Our team will perform due diligence, verifying property titles, zoning regulations, liens, and any potential legal issues affecting the transaction.

Contract Negotiation and Drafting

Once the property is thoroughly examined, we assist in negotiating the contract terms to protect your interests. Our lawyers will draft legally binding agreements that reflect the agreed-upon terms, covering all essential aspects of the transaction.

Reviewing Agreements of Purchase and Sale

If a real estate agent has drafted the Agreement of Purchase and Sale, our lawyers will review the agreement for possible legal issues. Our lawyers will also review status certificates for the purchase of a condominium to ensure that there are no legal implications that could impact future increases in common fees or liability of owners.

Title Review and Insurance

We conduct meticulous title searches to confirm the property’s ownership, compliance with the Planning Act, and verify the absence of any undisclosed encumbrances or claims. We will arrange for title insurance to safeguard your investment against unforeseen title defects when necessary.

Financing and Closing

Legal Focus LLP works closely with lenders, financial institutions, and all parties involved to facilitate a smooth and timely closing process. We communicate with our clients throughout the entire closing process to ensure that they understand the timing and procedure each step of the way. Our team confirms that all legal requirements are met and funds are appropriately disbursed upon completing the transaction.


Commercial Leasing

Our real estate lawyers handle leasing agreements for commercial properties, ensuring fair and favorable terms for both landlords and tenants. We ensure that each lease is tailored to meet the specific needs of the parties involved.

Property Disputes and Litigation

Our skilled litigators are prepared to advocate on your behalf if disputes arise during or after a real estate transaction. We handle property related disputes, including boundary disputes, breach of contract, and commercial lease disputes, aiming to secure the best possible outcomes.


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