I Have Been Reassessed by the CRA, Can I Challenge It?

A reassessment can have significant financial implications

Dealing with the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) can be a daunting experience, especially when you receive a notice of reassessment. Whether it’s a change in your tax return or an adjustment to your reported income, a reassessment can have significant financial implications. While this process can be intimidating, there are steps you can take to challenge a reassessment and protect your rights as a taxpayer.

When the CRA reassesses your tax return, it means they have reviewed the information you provided and made changes or adjustments to it. These changes usually result in additional taxes owed, reduced deductions, or credits. The reassessment will be accompanied by a detailed explanation of the changes made and the supporting documents used by the CRA.

Upon receiving the notice of reassessment, first carefully review the document. Pay close attention to the reasons for the reassessment and the evidence the CRA has relied upon. Canada operates under a self-reporting tax system, which means that the taxpayer must prove the CRA’s reassessment false. If you believe the CRA used inaccurate information, you should consider filing a Notice of Objection.

A Notice of Objection is a formal document that notifies the CRA of your intent to challenge the reassessment and provides evidence and details about the specific grounds for your objection. Evidence may include financial records, receipts, invoices, or any other relevant documentation.

The Notice of Objection must be filed within 90 days of receiving the CRA’s reassessment. With proper reasoning, an objection may be accepted after the 90 days. It is important to consult a tax professional if you are unsure about your rights as a taxpayer.

Tax lawyers who specialize in CRA matters can provide invaluable guidance and help you navigate the complex process of challenging a reassessment. They are experts in collecting evidence and crafting persuasive arguments to get you the best possible outcome from a reassessment.

After submitting the Notice of Objection, the CRA will assign an appeals officer to your case. The officer will review your objection, the supporting evidence, and any additional submissions you make.

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